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Deadlines! October 20, 2012

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I have to admit the world of writing and publishing can make a new writer feel daunted at times.   However, I’m so excited for this new challenge in my life.  As I work at my leisure, I have to say the butterflies in my stomach definitely do a flip-flop, when I  spot a Facebook post from an author and it says “Only on FB for a short time………I have a deadline.  Catch up with everyone later.” , and the one I saw today “I’m so sick and I have a book due in two weeks.”  Yikes!!

At this point my journey with writing hasn’t dealt me any deadlines, and I’m thankful for that small gift.  I consider myself a person who works extremely well under pressure, so I plan on meeting those deadlines very professionally.  Please don’t ask my husband how I would carry on when doing my English Literature homework in college.   LOL!!!   Major meltdowns when the words wouldn’t come 🙂

Well, with the exception of my kids and doing book reviews for Satin Sheets Romance, I have never had a deadline.   Not bad for someone who has been 29 years old for the last 16 years 😉   All in all, I’m sure things will work themselves out.  The most important thing is that my children see me achieving my dreams and goals, no matter what juncture I am at in life.    Back to my writing cave 🙂


4 Responses to “Deadlines!”

  1. Heavens, I don’t know what I’d do without deadlines! I tend to self-impose them or I’d never get anything done. 🙂 Happy writing!

  2. Sherry Gloag Says:

    I like that you use your deadlines to inspire your children. Best wishes with your writing.

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