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Love At First Type synposis! November 3, 2012

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Living in an abusive relationship, single mom and widow, Vanessa Bradford struggles to find a way out of the dire situation.   At every turn her live-in boyfriend, Kevin thwarts her attempt to leave or her many attempts to become self-sufficient and provide for her and her son, Evan.   The oppression and violence is increasing with each passing day, and Vanessa begins to doubt that she’ll escape alive.  What she needs is a knight in shining armor to swoop in and save them.

Carson Matthews is a divorced and a father of one. After discovering his ex-wife’s infidelity, he has labeled all women in the same catergory…..cheaters.    Once he settles his divorce and business matters in the U.S., he returns to the U.K. where he grew up.  When he meets up with a former childhood friend, Dante Lewis, Carson is quickly sucked into the vast world of internet scamming.   Distrusting of all women, Carson flourishes in his new role, as Carson Sellers “International Contractor”, and is nicknamed “Casanova” by his new colleagues.

Carson took one look at the profile of his latest conquest, and decided she was the perfect candidate for a scam.  For one, she was a single mom.  They were always desperate to find attention, and no husband to interfere, and 2) she was the stereotypical image of his ex-wife.  Self-absorbed and vain, or was she?  Daily Vanessa prays for deliverance from the domestic violence of her situation, so when a message arrives from a very attractive and successful businessman on a social website she attempts to reply, but hesitates before sending it.  The fear that Kevin had instilled over the last two years weighed heavily upon her decision. To send or delete?  What if this man was the answer to their prayers, and he only a click away?


2 Responses to “Love At First Type synposis!”

  1. Stephanie Karfelt Says:

    Sounds so good! Is this what you’re nanowrimo-ing?

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